Because we're in LA, we attended NAMM 2015 and it was crazy. Tons of new pedal companies and a lot of old rehashes of the same tired OD, Dist, Delay, Chorus lineup everyone seems to have. However we're excited to tell you guys we're going to start carrying Earthquaker Devices! 

Yes, the best pedal company in the world in our opinion! Yes they're not cheaper price wise, BUT they are creating some of the most innovative awesome sounding pedals around. Not just the same tired old reissues, but really mindbending stuff that is hand made in the USA. We're always proud to work with companies that create value, whether it's a $35 pedal or a $150 one. Bang for the buck, and Earthquaker is shaking things up.

Bonus: We also discovered a new Chinese brand that knocked us out creating boutique stuff that sounds and looks amazing, with an amazing owner who loves tone above all else. Stay tuned!

Written by Elliott . — February 14, 2015



What’s the new Chinese brand?

March 07 2015


What James said.

April 07 2015


the same question … what about the chinese brand ?

January 15 2017

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