1. Mass produced pedals are more reliable - This is a secret that boutique makers don't want you to know. The hand made stuff is more likely to go bad to human error like a badly soldered component. Mass producers have a huge incentive, time, and resources to invest in stream lining their production line, introducing quality control checks, and using methods that increase profit and consistency (and reduce defects). Typical defect rates are less than 1% for Joyo and Mooers for example. We know. We sell thousands of them.
  2. Just as good tone for a fraction for the price - What people pay for is a name. An Ibanez Tubescreamer is iconic. I get it. But with a million tubescreamer clones and mods on the market, it's easy to understand that there are cheaper if not better options. The pedal market is weird, it likes old out-of-date things and worships them. You wouldn't buy a first generation iPhone would you? Things get better with time generally.
  3. Save Money - Save all that money you would spend on a $150 vintage chorus pedal and pick up an honest to goodness analog one from us without all the rust and dings for less than $40 bucks. Spend that....a new guitar, or more pedals!
  4. Pedals are toys - They're not some holy grail. Jimi Hendrix dropped in Wah and fuzz to make things weird, make his guitar sound like a machine gun, mangle his guitar beyond recognition. He wasn't precious about them. And his were certainly not True Bypass. 

Written by Cheaperpedals .com — August 23, 2018

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