NAMM 2016 was...loud. To those of you who haven't been, imagine a Guitar Center on Saturday at 4pm x 1 million.

Anyhow here's the CP report:

  • Lots of the usual suspects. Guitar wankery galore, heavy metal burnouts and their busty girlfriends. 
  • Moog had the coolest booth where you could chill with cactus
  • And of course a lot of companies were rehashing all sorts of pricey overdrives, boosts, and delays in mini form as is the rage now.
  • But also there were a lot of weird handheld device integration with pedals, allowing you to tweak settings from your iPhone or what not. This seems weird and counter intuitive. I thought the whole point was simplicity with pedals? Anyhow the pedal business seems to be pulling in two directions: 1) toward the analog "vintage" stone ages or 2) interconnected device utopia. I'm not a fan of either.
  • Met with the Electro Faustus guys. Super cool guys with a good work ethic and they're coming out with a really unique pedal called the Guitardammerung that's some sort of matching phase, distortion thing that sounded really different. Stay tuned for it!
  • Met a young gentleman from New Zealand named Lee who's pedals were the sexiest things I've ever seen! They had knobs that glowed and changed colors and a slider instead of typical knobs. (Sorry for the bad photos) Not cheap, but sounded great, looked like sex, and Lee was working hard on his little business. Kudos!
And finally yes, we're going to start carrying Hotone pedals. A lot of customers have been asking about them and we checked them out and they seemed to be doing good stuff so we'll start carrying them. Going to be working on putting them up on the site. Their best selling pedal is a volume/wah pedal in one!

Written by Elliott . — February 04, 2016


David P. Makowski:

Dear Cheaper,
I have really long straight all one length hair and yes I wear it tied back in a pony tail every now and then. After seeing that photo though, I’m going to be wearing my hair down. No more pony tail except for doctors appointments.
I bought a Joyo “Plexi Tone” guitar pedal a couple of years ago from you and I absolutely love it. Sounds like the the pre-amp of a Marshall to me. I also purchased a Moen “Shaky Jimi” which sounds just like vibrato to me. Keep up the good work. It’s wonderful to know that just about any guitarist, even those on a tight budget, can afford a lot of the guitar effect pedals you guys sell.
David P. Makowski

February 05 2016

Doc Ross:

Um, guys, I like your shop and, most of the time, your approach. That said, there is a “burnt-out” author’s flavor to this; terms like “guitar wankery” are nearly always made by those who either think they are better (at whatever) or simply cannot at all. “Heavy Metal burnouts”; are you dissing Heavy Metal, or are you suggesting that those who play Heavy Metal are burn-outs…? It is just a bit negative and off-putting, and please remember I haven’t implied what I play or how I play it. Allow me to close with this statement; I will not be lecturing on feeling superior by trashing anything else as a part of the regular curriculum at university any time soon, especially in a field as diverse as entertainment. Be better than that.

February 06 2016


Sorry to offend Doc! I didn’t mean any sort of superiority. Just that there were lot of guys wearing spandex with blonde fringes that are clearly from LA’s 80’s Sunset strip scene at NAMM. If I can’t poke a little fun at them, then who can I?

February 16 2016

Prof. Wankensteen:

Terms like “wankery” and “burnout” are also used in a self-deprecating manner by those of us who don’t take things that seriously. And judging someone’s musical skill based on the terms they use for others? That, more than anything reeks of superiority. Relax – there will always be someone better than you.
…but of course, this is the interwebs; I shouldn’t be taking it this seriously.

March 19 2016

peter griffin:

I am a guitarist and i like the website.
I will give your website:10 out of 10 points.

May 09 2016

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