Just in for 2019, we have the new Joyo D-Seed II, a multi-delay with 3.5 min looper that's bound to be sold out soon. Get yours while we still have em'


We also have the new Joyo R-series which is Joyo's high end series of pedals including a Klon clone as well as cool high tech IR Loader, multi-modulation, delay and reverb. Check em' out. They're selling like hotcakes!




Written by Cheaperpedals .com — February 20, 2019


Tom C:

Love the JOYO R series of pedals (Never used JOYO before the R series, but now I am starting to explore their catalog), as I never looked at them due to not being a “nano pedal” fan. I have been missing out! The first thing that appealed to me was the Atmosphere (R-14) pedal, the look and sound was amazing! The other thing that drew me in was the CAB BOX (R-08), and now I have a whole line of Joyo R series on my board! The best of all, is buying from , they are where I go first now for something I want. Fast shipping, great service, and a treasure in the online guitar gear world., you earned my business, and I am a loyal customer for life! If only I could do demo reviews for you, my dream would be compelte! :-)

April 04 2020

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