Here is a simple and elegant little talk by Kennis Russell about why as musicians gear snobbery infects us and causes us to think that better gear means better musicians. 

I've been going down this route for pedals a long time now, now I believe it for guitars as well. My Squier Telecaster is actually better than my American Deluxe that costs 10x as much, and it pains me to say this, because I wanted the American one to be so much better.

I'm going to order a $200 dollar guitar off Aliexpress now (really).


Written by Cheaperpedals .com — December 14, 2016


Alan David:

In the 80s I toured with a successful band. Concerts Andrew large clubs. In that era many of the guitar players were using rack mounted gear. I used a blackface 66 Vibrolux and a small,home built pedalboard with 3 Boss pedals and an Ernie Ball volume pedal. I was always getting comments and, like " how do you get that tone?
KISS was my answer. Fender Strat and amp and a few great effects. Done.

July 13 2017

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