Excited to tell you guys about a new US based manufacturer that has been added to the site. Noisemaker Effects is a boutique maker that makes hand made, unique sounding pedals at an unbelievable price. Matt, the founder, and I have the same philosophy: players should be able to get some original sounding effects at a rock bottom price. He designs and builds all the pedals himself, and they look and sound like stuff worth three times as much.

Noisemaker pedals cheapest offering comes in at $46 which is pretty much the cheapest hand made pedal I've ever seen. Most other fuzz and overdrive pedals are in the $66 range. Wow. And wonderful to support a US based company. Will be doing a reorder soon as some of his pedals have already sold out!



Written by Wolf . — April 08, 2014


Matt Van Mantgem:

I’m excited, as well- you’re both what I would call “the good guys”, and most importantly- it’s a great set of pedals, andyou’ve got a great store, here!

April 08 2014


“players should be able to get some original sounding effects at a rock bottom price”

This is true. Nowadays electric intruments are getting quite inexpensive [for some part] and there are incredible bedroom musicians that can not afford decent material in order to progress with their experimentation.
Many of them never get the oportunity to engage their creativity because of the ridiculous pricetags that comes with an OD or other fx pedal,

July 24 2014

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