About Us is based on the philosophy that in this modern day and age you can get a really great sounding pedal for a very low price.  For everyday working musicians who play in bands or record at home, you really don't need to spend $200-300 dollars on a boutique pedal.  Your pedals should simply give you the sound you need and be reliable day in and day out. Right now there are so many great inexpensive pedals being produced that satisfy that criteria. Our goal is to bring these pedals to you as inexpensively and quickly as possible.
We strive to bring you a better pedal shopping experience.

Here's what some customers have said about us:

"Thanks so much. I'd rather give business to you than a multinational corporation...I've got to thank you for your kind and comprehensive service. Definitely the most positive online buying experience I've had!" -Rory P.
"Best price on the internet. Ordered it tuesday and I was playing it on thursday....quick FREE shipping. Will be buying more from you soon. " -Tom B.
"Anyone that will test these before shipping out is a good retailer.  -Michael V.


Some more things about us:
  • We are located in Los Angeles, CA 
  • We ship FAST! Most pedals reach your door in 2-3 days
  • We were poor starving musicians and understand the value of a dollar
  • We look first at the guitarist's feet at a concert
  • We like Fuzz and Delay most
  • We want to make your search for tone easy, fun, and inexpensive
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