Here's the rundown of the original pedals Mooer pedals are based on. Though not exactly clones, Mooers are designed to sound and look very similar but at a fraction of the original price. I dunno about you but all those pedals get me excited...

Written by Wolf . — April 17, 2013



That repeater is based on the Line 6 Echo Park. Knowing that now, I may just have to snag one.

April 22 2015


FOG is a wooly mammoth clone

December 04 2015

Stefaan Vanhaute:

The funky monkey is more a clone of the micro Q-tron by EHX with the HP, BP and LP switch.

April 27 2016

Tony in NC:

I believe the Rage Machine is based on the Digitech Metal Master, not the Death Metal.

August 14 2016

Art Vandelay:

Didn’t the Neil Zaza video say that the Juicer was based off of the DOD Juicebox pedal?

October 20 2016


Do you guys have an updated chart of Mooer mini pedals?

September 16 2019


The older “Eleclady” version of the pedal sounds a lot better than the newer “E-Lady” version in my opinion. The eleclady sounds warmer, and mixes better with overdriven tones. The E-lady sounded super harsh, and didn’t mix as well with OD tones. Curious as to what changed component wise.

Super close to my friends v3 18v Electric Mistress!

August 24 2022

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