Oh yeah. We've scoured the world looking for some great new pedal manufacturers who do things right and keep costs low. Our main goal was to find innovative companies that aren't satisfied with just spitting out expensive clones. New sounds, fresh approaches that's what we were looking for. AND they had to make pedals that sell for less than $100. 

We're proudly adding three new makers to our store and we're sure you'll love what they're doing.

  1. We added Devi Ever a really cool lady based in Oregon who specializes in fuzz.  She produces all of the them by hand with the coolness and quality that she brings to her own life. Since starting her company in 2003 she's made pedals for Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, ZZ Top, Nels Cline, Wilco, The Black Keys, Playstation Music Group at Sony, and My Bloody Valentine  to name a few famous names. 
  2. We also added Red Witch a New Zealand company that has made the world's first line of rechargeable pedals: the Seven Sisters. Small and beautiful, the Seven Sisters are world class tone boxes. Despite being from a small island in the middle of the south Pacific, they've managed to spread the word on their commitment to making the best quality pedals. They carry a more expensive line of premium pedals that we'd love to add if reception for their flagship Seven Sisters is good. And Tracey and Ben (founder) are just really cool people.
  3. And lastly we have Electro Faustus, a New York based company that makes "noise machines" by their own description. If it bleeps, blurts, warps, and squeals, these guys are hard working on how to put it in your pedal chain. They've gone and put a Theremin in a pedal. They make something called a Drum Thing that you bang away or scream at. It's all a bit much for conservative guitar players. Don't say we didn't try to give you some new things to play with.

So go ahead, check them out. Have your minds blown. Let us know what you think.

Cheaper is better...

Written by Wolf . — August 28, 2013

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