Excuse the long absence between posts. I've been up to my ears in life events. I've learned this year that we need to stop listening to the worrying nattering whine of confusion and fear at 3AM. That voice is never productive. And it never has your best interest at heart. What's important is to listen to the music, those notes coming from your heart. That clear harmonic resonance that is you wanting to burst forth. It's quieter so that's why it's harder to hear. It takes balls to be beautiful.

Ok life lessons over. I'm here to sell pedals. We got some new cool stuff I want to tell you about.


Caline has a great combo Wah and Volume that makes me want to go back and be a college student with no money again:


There's also a Stereo Volume pedal that even has a boost function. And I just like the way it feels under my foot. It's smooth. Not creaky like a crybaby.


Mooer put out a Phase Player wah type foot pedal. It's weird yet oddly addicting. I really like it's 3rd mode. Some mean sounding filter effect that I'm sure has a technical sonic name. I just like it cause it sounds like steroids when you rock it on the high setting with some overdrive.


If you have any questions about life or pedals feel free to email anytime at!


Written by Cheaperpedals .com — October 16, 2018

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