New Stuff! Mooer Toppers and Biyang Modules

We got some great fun stuff this year!


First up are Mooer Pedal Toppers which are colorful little switch covers that click on securely to any pedal with the standard round metal switch. They really help by making the switch larger to target, easier to identify, and just look cool. Like bling for your pedals.

Also, we have the new Biyang Livemaster series. They are modules for pedals. No more cables, power supplies, pedalboards. Click and programmable. Inexpensive and well built. Genius!

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- February 22, 2017

31 Best Mini Pedals

Big fan of mini pedals here at CP. It's 2016 so pedals need to take up less space. While there is time for big pedals when there are a lot of knobs, a lot of pedals just have 3-4 knobs and can be squeezed now into a compact and lighter size. You can stick a pedalboard in your backpack now.

Here's an article by Total Guitar Magazine that lists 31 of the best Mini Pedals and surprise surprise roughly 1/2 of them are in carried by us!

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- September 27, 2016